Outsider Art

I've been soliciting feedback on my upcoming album, and one of the most interesting responses so far has been from a reader/musician/friend (who can comment if he wants to be named): "I was left with the feeling that your record was a celebration of the Craft and femininity and power relations. I felt as if I were an outsider to your music and could not be welcomed in without the right shibboleths."

I always though of "outsider art" as being made by those who felt alienated... I didn't so much consider its power to alienate others. When I expressed surprise at this response, another friend of mine remarked, "Surely you knew that your music isn't exactly accessible."

Part of me thinks it is, and part of me thinks it isn't. On one hand, I hope people can relate, and on the other, I don't really care. But mostly I think it's incredibly pretentious to even be talking about this.

Posted by Elizabeth on January 5, 2013


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