The Recording Process

I've been thinkg about how the process of recording my second album was different from recording the first. As We Sadden Each Other to Sleep was recorded at a professional studio in the Mile End district of Montreal. I guess I was going for the full hipster experience. This time around I'd like to say I'm more mature, and care less what people think of me... and while that's true, my choices had more to do with convenience. I went with a location and an engineer that I knew well and felt comfortable with. And you know, I think the results are going to be just as cool.

The other main difference is that this time, I did way more songs in way less time. I just can't afford (time-wise or money-wise) to spend long days in the studio. So I decided to record 21 songs in two evenings. This was a great solution for me. I know some folks like to avoid the time/money crunch by recording at home, but I'm not convinced that my house is a good acoustic environment, and I don't really enjoy interacting with technology. So probably I'm doomed.

Posted by Elizabeth on October 4, 2012


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